Long term study into forecasting skills (article from the FT)

The FT has published a long article looking at the history of prediction.ย  What makes it worth reading is that it references the work of Philip Tetlock, who’s research into forecasting categorised people as either foxes or hedgehogs (this is explained in the article).

It’s worth a read:

So what is the secret of looking into the future? Initial results from the Good Judgment Project suggest the following approaches. First, some basic training in probabilistic reasoning helps to produce better forecasts. Second, teams of good forecasters produce better results than good forecasters working alone. Third, actively open-minded people prosper as forecasters.

But the Good Judgment Project also hints at why so many experts are such terrible forecasters. Itโ€™s not so much that they lack training, teamwork and open-mindedness โ€“ although some of these qualities are in shorter supply than others. Itโ€™s that most forecasters arenโ€™t actually seriously and single-mindedly trying to see into the future. If they were, theyโ€™d keep score and try to improve their predictions based on past errors. They donโ€™t.

via How to see into the future – FT.com.

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