Track Record

I have worked with clients in a range of sectors including industrial design, energy, health, telecoms, financial services and research providers.

Examples of engagements include :

  • working with Fonterra, one of the world’s largest dairy co-operatives. Although – as with all client engagements – I cannot disclose the nature of the work, the Strategic Ventures Manager based in Silicon Valley had this to say:  “Roger recently completed a piece of strategy work for the Fonterra Ventures team. We were impressed with the level of thinking, the balanced opinions provided and the ability to provide clarity on an ambiguous topic. His considered approach and efficient turn around under time pressure is something we strongly valued and due to this high level of service we hope to continue working alongside Roger and his team.”
  • founder of Sensing City, a project to create real time data flows about city environments from the rebuild of the city of Christchurch (New Zealand).  This work involved the connection of global trends with a strategic opportunity at a country level, and is a prime example of the need to link foresight, strategy and innovation.  As such it attracted considerable media attention including coverage by the FT and Scientific American.  The project closed in early 2016 due to lack of speed of uptake by the rebuild programme.
  • Repeat invitee to Singapore Foresight Week.  Sponsored by the Foresight group in the Prime Minister’s office, this event brings together around twenty leading thinkers from around the world to debate and discuss Singapore’s future.  After being invited to the first event in 2011, I had the privilege of being invited to attend the following event in 2013 (Foresight Week is held every two years).  Also in attendance were Peter Schwartz, Dave Snowden and Paul SaffoFull details can be found here.
  • Engaged by one of New Zealand’s largest health providers to break the paradigms around health thinking in order to create a vision for a heath system in 2020. The process started in 2007 and is sponsored by the CEO and Chairman of the Board.  It has involved running a team of up to eight consultants, a series of large scale workshops and considerable innovative thinking about how to engage the workforce. The transformation programme has attracted considerable international attention from people like David Albury (ex-advisor to Tony Blair), organisations such as the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, The Guardian newspaper and the London-based heath think-tank called The Kings Fund.  In addition the programme was used in 2013 as a case study in an international tour by Clayton Christensen (in 2011, Forbes magazine called him “one of the most influential business theorists of the last 50 years).
  • Part of the core team for the world’s largest foresight programme – Future Agenda. The programme ran over 50 workshops in 25 countries around the world and engaged with scientists, academics, entrepreneurs and politicians.  The full output of the programme – and the book that summarises everything – is online.
  • Co-led a programme called Technology Futures (August 2006 – March 2008) for the Shell GameChanger team in The Hague.  The programme identifies business opportunities in adjacent sectors in a twenty year time frame.  A critical part of the programme requires the identification of forty world experts in areas as diverse as genetic engineering and architecture, then working with them in a group environment in locations around the globe. Co-wrote and edited the book that resulted from the programme (which can be downloaded here as a PDF). Shell is widely acknowledged as the global leader in scenario planning and make extensive use of the Technology Futures output to guide the formation of it’s worldwide strategy.
  • Extensive work with Egg – Europes largest pure online financial services company.  This ranged from analysis of the online gaming industry through to working with prototype developers and vendors on the future of deploying financial services on smartphones.

You can also read further examples in the case studies section of my blog.