Articles / Books

Following is a selection of articles that reference me or my work, quote me or have been written by me.

Petrol cars headed the way of the horse? (June 18, 2018)

Why would anyone invest in inter-stellar travel?  Scientific American (12 Sept 2017)

What can the NHS learn from New Zealand? The Guardian  (25 August 2017)

Fast Forward Column –  National Business Review New Zealand (Nov 2016)

Your Children’s Commute Won’t Look Anything Like Yours  – Scientific American (Aug 2016)

Urban Management – Citizens use intelligence to live better– Financial Times UK (Oct 2013)

Sensing City, Smart Citizens – Scientific America USA (July 2013)

Brain Freeze  – Leadership Through Project Management USA (Feb 09)

The Brain Wave Issue – Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine (June 08)

Cell phones making sense, as sensors – CNN Online (May 08)

Horizon Scanning Centre Toolkit – Foresight directorate of the UK Government Office for Science (May 08)

Innovation in software and financial services – Business Review Weekly (Australia) (June 07)

Theories of innovation – developing a methodology (by Roger Dennis) – Stanford University Design School Magazine (USA) (Dec 05)

Innovation as a process – Unlimited Magazine (New Zealand) (Sept 05)

Innovation at the fringes (by Roger Dennis) – Innovaro innovation update (UK) (August 05)

Mesh Networks (article suggestion and editorial assistance)  – MIT Technology Review Editors Blog (July 2005)

Why look at the fringes for innovation? (by Roger Dennis) – MIS Magazine (UK) (Jan 05)

Scanning for technology innovation (by Roger Dennis) – Design Week (UK) (Aug 04)



Sustaining Innovation: Collaboration Models for a Complex World (published by Springer 2010) I was invited to write a chapter for this book focusing on the Shell Technology Futures programme.  In turn I invited my colleague Tim Jones to assist, along with Leo Roodart (the ex-head of Shell GameChanger).  You can read further details here at the Springer site.

Really Bad Workshops (and how to avoid them): I regularly get invited to attend workshops, and regularly get stunned by the lack of thought that goes into the workshop design.  I became so frustrated by this that I ended up writing a short e-book called Really Bad Workshops (and how to avoid them).  It’s packed with Ten Tips to Make Workshops Work, and you can download it free from this page.