Articles / Books

Following is a selection of articles that reference me or my work, quote me or have been written by me.

Why would anyone invest in inter-stellar travel?  Scientific American (12 Sept 2017)

What can the NHS learn from New Zealand? The Guardian  (25 August 2017)

Fast Forward Column –  National Business Review New Zealand (Nov 2016)

Your Children’s Commute Won’t Look Anything Like Yours  – Scientific American (Aug 2016)

Urban Management – Citizens use intelligence to live better– Financial Times UK (Oct 2013)

Sensing City, Smart Citizens – Scientific America USA (July 2013)

Brain Freeze  – Leadership Through Project Management USA (Feb 09)

The Brain Wave Issue – Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine (June 08)

Cell phones making sense, as sensors – CNN Online (May 08)

Horizon Scanning Centre Toolkit – Foresight directorate of the UK Government Office for Science (May 08)

Innovation in software and financial services – Business Review Weekly (Australia) (June 07)

Theories of innovation – developing a methodology (by Roger Dennis) – Stanford University Design School Magazine (USA) (Dec 05)

Innovation as a process – Unlimited Magazine (New Zealand) (Sept 05)

Innovation at the fringes (by Roger Dennis) – Innovaro innovation update (UK) (August 05)

Mesh Networks (article suggestion and editorial assistance)  – MIT Technology Review Editors Blog (July 2005)

Why look at the fringes for innovation? (by Roger Dennis) – MIS Magazine (UK) (Jan 05)

Scanning for technology innovation (by Roger Dennis) – Design Week (UK) (Aug 04)



Sustaining Innovation: Collaboration Models for a Complex World (published by Springer 2010) I was invited to write a chapter for this book focusing on the Shell Technology Futures programme.  In turn I invited my colleague Tim Jones to assist, along with Leo Roodart (the ex-head of Shell GameChanger).  You can read further details here at the Springer site.

Really Bad Workshops (and how to avoid them): I regularly get invited to attend workshops, and regularly get stunned by the lack of thought that goes into the workshop design.  I became so frustrated by this that I ended up writing a short e-book called Really Bad Workshops (and how to avoid them).  It’s packed with Ten Tips to Make Workshops Work, and you can download it free from this page.