I consult in foresight, innovation and large scale change.  I’m based in New Zealand, and support government bodies and companies across Asia, Europe and Australasia.

When asked to describe my role, I sometimes say I’m a Serendipity Architect.

I’m part of the core team for Future Agenda – the worlds largest open source foresight programme (www.futureagenda.org). I also work with a virtual team around the globe called Growth Agenda (www.growthagenda.com).

I co-led the 2007 Shell Technology Futures programme for the GameChanger team in The Hague and co-wrote and edited the book that resulted from the programme.

Before this I was formerly at egg – the pioneering European internet bank, where I worked in London on areas as diverse as the online gaming industry and deploying financial services on smart-phones.

As part of my work I’m interested in weak signals from the edges that give clues about the future.

I like to discuss why forming strategy without knowing about the future is like pouring coffee without a cup. In addition I also like to talk about why a strategy without an innovation capacity is akin to walking very slowly on the same spot.

The design process fascinates me, and I love to engage with design professionals. My creative mind is fed by a reading habit worthy of an information omnivore. I enjoy meeting like minded people and debating with not-so-like minded people.

I’ve worked for telecommunications companies, publishers, banks, radio stations, government departments, and various consultancies.

Airlines like me as I travel extensively and lived in Christchurch, Wellington, Sydney, Hong Kong and London.


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The Joseph Jaworski Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award is open for applications now. It recognises outstanding endeavour and innovation on futures work among the next generation of practitioners. Apply here by 4 June 20…lnkd.in/fGwJ4p8 lnkd.in/fH9SiH3

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