Movements and change – watch Russia

There’s something to watch here: a young, rich and glamourus woman spurns her roots and becomes a poster child for change.Β  She knows how to cross both the digital and real worlds for impact, and clearly understands the system she exists within.

The pampered β€œit girl” of Putin’s Russia, author of β€œPhilosophy in the Boudoir” and β€œHow to Marry a Millionaire,” has restyled herself as a leader of the opposition. Last week, Ms. Sobchak hosted protest leaders on her new political talk show, which was canceled by Russia’s MTV after just one episode and is now broadcast on a Web site.

(via Kseniya Sobchak, Russia’s β€˜It Girl,’ Dons Opposition Cloak –

I’m increasingly interested in how social movements and social media will intersect, and the implications for power brokers (both government and non-government).Β  I think there’s something here in social movements getting digital smarts and becoming digital movements (think rapid scale, emergence ‘from nowhere” and clear actions). Watch this space…

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