Resources for Leadership NZ Workshop attendees

This post is for attendees of the workshop for Leadership NZ on 28 Oct.  It’s a list of resources that may be of use when thinking about different ways to think about the future, and how to tell your story.  Firstly, here’s a list of organisations that think about the future, and share that thinking:

  • Shell energy scenarios can be accessed here.
  • The Institute for the Future in California publishes a wide range of information, including it’s Maps of the Decade.
  • The team from the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the Singapore Government do some outstanding work.  they blog here and publish in a range of places, including here.
  • The Sustainable Future Institute has a robust and fascinating series of publications that address the future of NZ, and you can access them via the website here.

With regards to telling rich stories that resonate, here’s a list of the links I referenced in my presentation:





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