The age of the personal satellite (Science Foo Camp)

I’ve just got back from a weekend of cognitive overload at Science Foo Camp at the Googleplex.  Given that there’s just so much to take in, here’s a list of three interesting links that are worth exploring more:

  • Victimless Leather – a small coat growing from living human and mouse stem cells
  • Bjorks new album called Biophilia, and the interactive apps that redefine what music is
  • Learning about the ‘small spacecraft’ initiative at NASA under Will Marshall.  The plan is to use Andriod smartphones to power small, inexpensive satellites  that run on Open Source software. Below is a photo of the finished satellite.  Note that the metal tape measure is the aerial and there is no shielding on the device.  The first launch is later in the year, but the beer bottle shown in the photo will not be on the rocket.

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