If you've ever been unsure why you're sitting in a bland
stuffy room watching mind-numbing presentations
and enduring bad facilitators, you've experiencing
a Really Bad Workshop.

This book is aimed at people who have been assigned the job
of running a workshop. It's purpose is to help you design better
workshops by passing on some tips that I have learned when
designing events for both large and small organisations around
the world.

So what's a better workshop?
The answer is simple. A better workshop is one where people walk away feeling like their time and contribution is valued. It's an event where people walk away having experienced an 'aha' moment. It's something that you can feel proud of.

How do you do this?
You can start by downloading this book and reading the ten simple ideas in this book. To get Really Bad Workshops you can 'pay' for it with a Tweet, or purchase it on meBooks.  

Really Bad Workshops (And How to Avoid Them) Ten Tips to Make Workshops Work. By Roger Dennis (with acknowledgement to Seth Godin)